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How to Achieve a Healthy and Productive Work-from-Home Routine

How to Achieve a Healthy and Productive Work-from-Home Routine

With the current COVID-19 outbreak, productive work-from-home routine is needed because the government has been taking necessary precautions on handling the worldwide dilemma. The government urged citizens to stay at home for productive work-from-home routine. Conveniently, the business industry had resorted to a productive work-from-home routine system.

This is great! You might think that way if this is your first time. Thinking about productive work-from-home routine, you’d probably start to imagine working comfortably with your flexible schedule, wearing cozy clothes, saving more time and money without having to commute. But as the days go by, you’d come to realize that while there’s a lot of perks with working from home, there could also be disadvantages if you don’t manage well.

First off, there’s a lot of distraction at your home, and there’s Netflix notifying you of a new episode, then when boredom strikes after seeing the same monitor for a few hours. Well, a nap would do, and the next thing you know, you wake up at 4:55 pm. Unproductive.

On a regular day, you’d get off work at 5:00 pm, but that’s not the case here, you gotta finish that project you’re working on by today to call it a productive day. Then dinner becomes irrelevant, and to make up for the time, you’d probably work overnight. Not healthy.

After boarding with the same boat as you, here’s a list of things that might help you to become more productive work-from-home routine and staying healthy at the same time.

The 5 Productive Work-from-Home Routine

  • Establish a Routine
productive work-from-home routine

Start your day with work on your mind. This way, you train your brain not to slack off and productive work-from-home routine.

Do a routine just like going to work minus the commute. Wake up, do a jog if possible, take a bath, and dress-up if you want. Jogging is the best way to start your day, not only will it keep you fit but also ups your positive energy to keep you mentally healthy throughout the day. Bathing is not only for keeping good hygiene but can also reduce your level of stress and anxiety, improving your mood. While dressing-up is optional, this could help your brain think that you are going to work today and have no time for slacking off.

  • Have Fixed Working Hours
productive work-from-home routine

Manage your time wisely. Managing your time is a skill you might have learned from a previous job, just keep doing the same thing and think of your home as your office. It’s better to have a fixed working hour, so eventually, as you start each day, you’d know when to start and when to stop. You could start productive work-from-home routine like any other working hours or later, just make sure you could stick to it each day. This way, you could manage time to be more productive each day and see positive results. Thus, get what needs to be done, done. You don’t need to sacrifice sleep and lose those healthy cells.

  • Settle Your Workspace
productive work-from-home routine

As a professional at productive work-from-home routine, you clearly need your own workspace. It could be a desk in your room or somewhere except your bed. When you start working, you got to get off your bed if you don’t want to slack-off. You’d feel more like you’re seriously working and not on vacation, just like going to your office. If possible, you could go to a café for a change.

  • Take Breaks                       
productive work-from-home routine

Just like any other employees out there, you need to get-off from your seat to take a break.

Have a sip of coffee. Having to sit and eat the whole day might keep you from being fit. Here’s a good thing about consuming coffee, it increases your metabolic activity. So technically, your body is being dually productive. Get the productive work-from-home routine done and burn some fats. Though it’s not guaranteed to burn all those fat, obviously, but hey, it is way better than not burning something at all.

Use a break to stretch out to prevent muscle strain injuries and reduce fatigue.

  • Know When to Stop Working
productive work-from-home routine

You previously scheduled your fixed working hour, so practice sticking with it. Make sure you log off from work when it’s time to log off. Mentally practice your mind that at a specific time, you have to get off work so you should finish whatever it is needed to be done for the day. Working from home doesn’t mean you got 24 hours to consume on working. You got to rest too and take care of your body.

If you successfully managed to do all these, and eventually do all these routines each day. I’m telling you, you’re doing a great job. Stay healthy and get productive work-from-home routine. Stop wasting your time.

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