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How Much Do Skin Care Specialist Make

How Much Do Skin Care Specialist Make

How Much Do Skin Care Specialist Make?

How much do skincare specialists make? The average yearly salary for a skin care specialist is $31,738. The lowest paying area is Fremont, CA while the highest paying city is San Francisco. This job has moderate job growth and the median annual salary is well above the national average.

If you’re interested in becoming a skincare specialist, here are some career options. To become a skincare specialist, you must complete a cosmetology or esthetics program at a postsecondary vocational school.

While some high schools offer vocational training, many people complete their education at a post-secondary institution. Once completed a cosmetology program, you’ll be eligible to take the National Board Exam. The average salary for a skin care specialist in the US is below $34,300 per year or above $28,857 per year.

The middle 50% of dermatologists earn between $31,427 and $40,478 annually. If you’re considering becoming a skincare specialist, consider your salary potential concerning the location of your career.

How much does a skincare specialist make in the United Kingdom?

A Skincare specialist in the United Kingdom can earn a salary of £42,131 annually.

Which are the Top Five Best-Paying Skin Care Specialist Jobs?

At least five job categories related to Skin Care Specialists pay higher than the average Skin Care Specialist salary. These jobs include SkinCare Physicians and Skin Care Model.

They also pay an average of $85,542 (37.2%) and $22,521 (51.9%), respectively. You may be able to make more money if you are qualified for these Skin Care Specialist positions. The Skin Care Model salary is below $7,000; $1,521; $35.1.

The Skin Cancer salary is below $7,000; $38.02. The Skin Surgery Center salary is below $70,000; $5.552; $3,281; $32.03. The Scientist Skin Biology salary is below $70,00; $7,00; $2,270; $32.00.

Is there a higher salary for Skincare Specialists in Canada?

A Skincare specialist in Canada can earn an average salary of $82,110 annually.

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