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Essential Factors for Women's Self Defense

Criminals are so much smarter than we could ever guess, especially when it comes to their selection of female victims. Women have to learn how to protect themselves. If you’re clueless about this, then read on for more info.

Who Criminals Choose

Criminals normally won’t choose a victim randomly, but more when they see the perfect opportunity available for them. It’s the same type of scenario as the thought process of a predator is in the woods. They often will jump once they see an injured animal. A sexual predator will take advantage of a woman they feel they can conquer. They look for women who appear very vulnerable. They seek out a woman that does not really see them or would not think that they are a target. So, know your surroundings. If you act in control and alert, and show that you are strong and full of confidence, a criminal may not want to choose you, because it lessens their chance of success.

Pay Attention

Keep your attention focused on the people around you. Always. Don’t just assume that someone who wears a suit or is well-dressed and acting like a gentleman won’t be a criminal. If someone comes towards you aggressively, look at them directly in the eyes and tell them to go away or stop. Yell these words to them, so that people around you can hear. Draw attention to yourself and let your presence be known. Speaking of which…

Self Defense

Using a strong and loud, assertive voice has been proven to be a very strong weapon against criminals. Many women who have used this as their strategy when confronted by a criminal have a positive outcome. As well, using weapons such as pepper spray, stun guns and other defensive types of weapons will work in the same way. Most times, you never have to actually use the weapon. Just pointing it towards an attacker or criminal and telling him what you have can end the situation.
Still, it is important for women to practice the use of weapons such as pepper spray, stun guns, and other weapons, so they feel confident and are able to use them. If you choose to use a weapon like tear gas or pepper spray, practice first on a tree to see how far away the attacker has to be. If you use a stun gun, practice how to hold it and how it works. Most attackers run from stun guns just when they see the blast of electrical arch it creates and the screeching sound.
Lastly, don’t underestimate the importance of a self-defense class. Even a single class once a year can do wonders for your survival. No time? Try a YouTube video!
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