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January 2017

Long and Healthy Nails

Grow Long, strong and healthy nails with these tips In this age of cosmetic treatments, it is easy to erase or shrink signs of aging. While you can alter your hair color and hide age spots and wrinkles with facial treatments, your hands will most likely betray your actual age. If you do not care well for your hands and… Read More »Long and Healthy Nails

winter beauty tips

Winter Beauty Tips

Top ten winter beauty tips As beautiful as winter is, it is also the coldest and driest time of year. Dry hair, chapped lips and dull skin are some of the common beauty issues women endure in this weather. Fortunately, there are solutions for all these issues and more. Follow these practical tips to prepare yourself against the cold and… Read More »Winter Beauty Tips

mother after birth

Lose Weight After Childbirth

How to lose weight the healthy way after childbirth Weight gain is inevitable during pregnancy. Depending on the pre-pregnancy weight, women usually gain between 15 and 35 pounds in a healthy pregnancy. Up to 12 pounds of this weight will be shed following childbirth. However, it can take longer to lose the remaining pounds and return to the original pre-pregnancy… Read More »Lose Weight After Childbirth